Problem 1

We live in the world where over 1 trillion USD is donated for charity each year

1.4 billion people donated money in 2014

According to experts only about 60% of donations reach the final recipient

Existing market propositions for donating do not meet people needs

Donation goals are diverse

No socialization for donators

Problem 2

People like to present gold as well as to receive gold as a gift.


It is not always affordable to buy golden jewelry for present, it is not always easy to choose the right piece and it is often very difficult to make a present to a person located in another part of the world.

Two problems solved at a time:

An Internet-based solution for secure charity donations and making golden gifts easily

‘Golden Hearts’ is a web and mobile based service that allows users to make virtual gifts and charitable donations carried through virtual Golden Hearts.

Each virtual Golden Heart has got a unique number and represents itself a 0.001 gram of 99.9% pure physical gold stored in one of the most secure vaults of the world.

By signing up for the service and topping up his or her account, each user can:

donate Golden Heart to carefully selected and strictly accredited charity initiatives

easily present Golden Heart to any person or entity using different channels

redeem Golden Hearts using a current London Bullion Market price for gold.

Have you ever thought of converting your "Likes" into something tangible?

Using "Golden Hearts" enables you to share your content and get awarded each time somebody admires it. Every user of "Golden Hearts" gets an easy and simple way to give some gold to the appreciated piece of content.

Mobile application screens


Top Up

Current Goal


Download Golden Hearts

Making a golden present is only three steps away:

Register your account

Top up to get your Golden Hearts

Make a present by using one of many available channels

Each owner of a Golden Heart can:

Donate Golden Heart to carefully selected and strictly accredited charity initiatives;

Easily present Golden Heart to any person or entity using one of many available channels;

Redeem Golden Heart for cash using a current London Bullion Market price for gold;

Redeem a physical gold bullion for Golden Hearts (minimum amount: 1 Troy Ounce).

`Golden Hearts` – is a charities and non-profits new opportunity for transparent and secure fundraising

Key Success Factors


A single point of access to the main and the most relevant donation goals


All charities and initiatives are carefully curated


Admiring each other on social networks now backed with real value


Few steps on-line to make an unforgettable present for the person you love


Gold is the one of the world’s few reliably rare supply commodities

We call for charity initiatives around the globe to register their ‘Golden Hearts’ accounts and get a powerful instrument for funding.

‘Give your heart as a precious
gift inspiring people for noble deeds’